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Use Multiple Gmail Accounts
Switch betwen various Gmail users quickly, without typing password every time.
Step-by-step Instructions

1. Start by clicking on the profile image in the top right corner of the Gmail interface. This will bring up a menu of options.

2. From this menu, click the option to “Add another account.” This will open a new window in your web browser, where you can enter the login information for your second Gmail account.
3. Once you have successfully logged in to your second account, you will be able to switch between accounts by clicking on the profile image again. Each time you do this, a menu will appear with a list of all the accounts you have added. Simply select the account you want to use, and you will be taken to the inbox for that account.
Using multiple Gmail accounts can be a great way to manage your emails and stay organized.

Benefits of using multiple Gmail accounts

1. You can use different accounts for different purposes, such as one for personal emails and another for work-related messages.This can help you to keep your messages separate and easy to find, as well as making it easier to switch between accounts as needed.

2. Additionally, you can use multiple accounts to take advantage of different features and settings that may be available on different accounts, such as custom signatures or vacation responders.

Regardless of the reason, using multiple Gmail accounts is a simple and convenient way to manage your emails and stay on top of your communications.

Demo Video (Use Multiple Gmail Accounts)
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